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May 27th, 2020


The Originators Album Review

The Beatnuts - The Originators Review

"The Originators" is a powerhouse. My girlfriend picked this CD up for my birthday, and oh was it worth it. I had been eagerly anticipating the release for 2 long months. So you would think that all of the anticipation would kill the CD. Not in this case, the Beatnuts new cd was all I had anticipated and more. The Nuts have this clever way of doing all of their songs that I just can not put my finger on. Needless to say this could be their best CD ever made. This CD contains some of the phattest beats. Track 5 "Buying Out the Bar", reminds me of their classical hit "Watch Out Now". It has the scottish bagpipe in it. How do you make an awsome beat out of a bagpipe? Easy leave it to the Beatnuts. Another signature mark of the Nuts is their lyrics. No one, and I mean no one, can beat these lyrics. The lyrics are witty and clever, when they want to be, and even funny. The Beatnuts are known for this style of course, which makes it no suprise they did it again in their new album. Wow if I had to rate this album I would give it a 10/10. There is no way after listening to this CD that I would not have bought the CD. This is by far the best Nuts cd. If you don't own it already, shame on you! Go out and pick this Cd up today.

I was really amped about this album, back when it was going to be the Intoxicated Demons reunion LP with Al Tariq aka Fashion back in the fold. I'd always felt that a third voice was needed, and apparently so did The Beatnuts as each of their albums following his departure was filled with guest spots. Then I found out that Kool Ass Fash had split again, right around the time they changed the title from YA BETTA BELIEVE IT, and I was initially disappointed. However, I soon realized that just because Tariq was to have returned, that did not mean that The Beatnuts were going back to the style of their debut EP or eponymous full length. The jazz samples seemed to be mostly gone and their songs were now far more funky and accessible. Maybe they were moving with the times, as each of their albums had potential club bangers like "Off The Books", "Watch Out Now", "Turn It Out" and "No Escapin' This". Given the proper push, these tracks could have been all over the radio. The funny thing was though, despite their open desire to make that cash money, their music was commercial in the best way, able to attract a wider audience yet still maintain the creative beat making that made them so impressive to begin with. Unfortunately, Loud did not feel like promoting them worth a damn, then added insult to injury by dumping them when the albums failed to make a lot of noise. So now the Nuts go the independent route and continue with what makes the later stuff so fun and enjoyable...keeping it about the ladies, the dope and the money with the upbeat and colorful samples and the just don't give a ---- attitude. I only wish that they would pepper their lyrics with the wild metaphors and punchlines like they used to...their tells of sexual hijinks now seem more straight forward, less like the wilder word play of earlier songs like "Story" and "Sandwiches" which possessed the humor of Hustler magazine's best prose. Plus I miss hearing the Psycho Les of old, when he was more animated, comparing himself to a "lunatic dolphin" and "stickin' up picnics". Nevertheless, when listening to THE ORIGINATORS, all the could of should of's can go straight out the window. Albums this entertaining one shouldn't fault, especially when there's so little worth talking about coming out today. The Beatnuts worst efforts are far more enjoyable than many of today's top sellers and so complaining about what is missing is splitting hairs. The album has plenty of highlights. Large Professor continues his resurgence with "The Originators", Al Tariq does show up for the nice "Bionic", Tony Touch returns for "Work That Pole" and The Beatnuts still show their humor throughout - especially on the intro to "Yae Yo", the song itself featuring the come to be expected funky Nuts flute loop. Plus the opening gets me hyped to see the Beatnuts perform live...sounds like they put on a damn good show in person. They've never done anything less on wax.
Submited by: Lee Jacobs