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December 15th, 2019


Intoxicated Demons Lyrics

World's Famous
Engineer Talking Shit
Psycho Dwarf
No Equal
Reign of The Tec
Third of the Trio
The Story

World's Famous

(it's not really spanish all the way but it's more afro-spanish)

The wickedy wicked Les starts to rip shit Beatnuts makeing crazy noise with some hip shit 24 track we e.q.ed to attack, pump more watts then any Radio Shack. Black, I stick to being rough and rugged, anti-pop, I guess I'll stay broke(fuck it). A crazy hispanic, Psycho Les panic? Nahh not me i just pull the automatic out the knap-sack, and cold point it, Blast ya and leave ya punk ass disjointed. I aint going out like a punk, nuttin but Phat rhymes and beats for your trunk to pump, I make you jump like Kriss Kross, slow down on that crazy horse. My hand's tied from the mic it holds I'm a jet up the block before the record shop closes.

V.I.C. dropping styles you ain't used to nice with the lyrics, when I produce I get looser, beats i got plenty they come a dime a dozen, i got more beats then Puerto Ricans got cousins. Diggin' every day, I'm the breakbeat doodle. I got the funky shit ask my main man Ju-Ju. Jump in the truck we audi on a mission (guess where were going) Philedelphia beat-fishin. There's always one store niggers always get stuck on, I know a lot of spots that I ain't puttin' you up on. Find your on beats, you're a real snuffalafagus Lazy motherfucker, you're always bummin off of us. You know there's no one finer, diggin for shit from here to North Carolina. The name is V.I.C. it's time to dilly dally, first I hit Texas then i'm going back to Cali.

Ju-Ju the true blue funk nigger, ill with the grooves, it's the real beat digger (buying old records is a habit) but if i can't afford to pay i'll bag it. You can laugh and joke but you'll never see me smile, rough and rugged kicking it hardocre freestyle. Flavor-filled funk, that's the way i word it, punks who pop junk, kid, tend to get murdered. Not a violent kid though, prefer to freak the flow, check it, loop my funky 45 and i'll wreck it. Face it here's something to make you jump around, and get down, get down. Honey's always sock me, trying to get my attention, flexing schemeing on the caramal complexion. Ju-Ju the beatman under God's protection, Beatnuts makin moves like a mob conection.

Engineer Talking Shit

Those fucking Beatnuts (Beatnut guys? Shit) You know.. Jack, I've been telling you man these guys they don't fuckin know shit about rappers I don't understand (You know what I'm talkin about now you hear me?) They're walkin around all talkin shit like they're some big ass niggaz (Maaaan) They're not even fuckin, they're not even niggaz! What are you talkin about, they're fuckin spics! (They ain't shit) They got no kind of beat, they never understand the shit (no soul) They try to do rhymes rhymes and rhymes, shit I can do rhymes Fuck that, they don't know what the fuck they're doin (wastin money) They're drinkin drunk motherfuckers all over the place Fuckin here there everywhere (never show up) Never show up! Some kind of attitude (late all the time) man comin up with that shit, shit, whoda thought manThey get a fuckin deal, I don't know (they don't deserve shit)

"What did you say?" (I said they don't deserve shit) "Throw this man into the dungeon!"

Psycho Dwarf

(Your on the....)
I wanna fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!

Knock, knock who is it? What my moms is the wizard. I'm about to land like an avalanche or a blizzard. So open up, let me in, then, check out the ill motherfucker Les swing. Wickedy wicked your girl's tit i lick it and shwing it like my man Wilson Picket. I kick it, the spanish Psycho's a lunatic. Rip a show, get the dough, and stick the hoe with my super dick. It's a (AHH) nut then I be ghost, so you got to be clean everything not gross. I bust the ill styles that your ears are not used to, Beatnuts make tracks for the crowds to get loose to. So honies in the house if your hot take your blouse off, so my brother's if your thirsty crack the 40-ounce. Beats I smack em' out the stadium I never bunted. I rock all night, you got a light? Lets get blunted. So light up and pass it so I can puff, you can't get enough of the rugged and rough. Anti-pop I ain't singing like a klutz, world's famous Beatnuts!

It's the junkyard nigger with the funk flow screaming, hard-core crazy bad-breath like a demon. Retarded from birth, See I aint got no class, I used to fart in church and tell the preacher to kiss my ass. Freaking mad styles catching Caesars yo, It's the Psycho Dwarf killer with a stezo bro. Ugly like shit, my smiles crooked, any piece of ass I ever got is cuz i took it. Yo I'm invisible, niggers can't see me kid. I did a short bid and came out cock diesel kid. Junkyard JuJu so you know. Strap a metal jacket every fucking place I go, so play Dionne Warwick's song and Walk On By or maybe stick around for a Columbian Necktie. Whatever the fuck you do, just get out the place, I got some shit to blow, that's my right off in your face.

I wanna fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit!

I wanna fuck!

I just ripped out the dirt from my coffin, flipping through loops like a lunatic dolphin, i'm back reincarnated Psycho Les running through the graveyard intoxicated. Thuggin, titty huggin graf art muggin, Keep ya where your worst nightmare snuck in yeah! Ya think I'm buggin here's my Glock 10 I have you singin like New Edit-it-edis-distion Punk, play and get yo, smoked I put two caps and I laughed up then joke around I gets down, like Kool and the Gang my slang got your girlfriend droolin. Yo I flip, and, land in the split Then pop, man, bust your whole shit Like a Shaolin Monk I kicks the grand funk Drunk and I'm still fat out the trunk.

I Wanna fuck, drink beer and smoke some shit!

(Your Mother!)

No Equal

(Number One Competition is none)

Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid Fuck around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid(Boom!) Not to say I'm on a violent tip But my hand stays on my gun, in case you start some shit Cause I been rhymin since way back when Straight up and from the heart is how it's always been Now punk niggas wanna test me But all that tiggedy-tiggedy tongue twistin shit don't impress me It's just a phase, and you know damn well. That you'll fall off in a minute, cause that shit don't sell. Funny how you think you could surpass me, or outlast me. With that bullshit style, you're fallin fast, gee See, I suggest you go back where you came from(Your mic, and my mic) Come on, don't play, son See, the days of payin dues is over I'm a little fed up, and it's time that I show ya We battle one time, you're dead, no sequel (Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal)

You know we're number one Competition is none

The wiggedy-wicked Psycho Les drops it like a lunatic Steady back-breakin bitches with my super dick Hat's on the jim, sometimes I nut in em St. Ides fucks up their eyes, and I bend em Down, while I'm flowin to this nutty sound Open up the knapsack, check out what we found H-h-horns, bass, lines Beats get chopped in the Nut Shop, we don't waste time Yo, I'm 'cold lampin' like Flavor Floatin at the top while you're sick, and 'nothin can save ya' Just like the Biz said Remember - uugh! - styles I drop to be, what is it?(The shizzit) Word to your mama I bend your girl like a comma Due to Lambada, I think I gotta Stop, because the bitch said, íPara! So I nutted in the cara(Boom)! No matter how hot you claim to be, you can't roast this Nut, what's up? You wanna get eaten up like a hostess? Cupcake, you know my words are lethal(Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal)

Every line I connect, my literature's perfect Per minute, per second, and yo, you gotta reck- On with Fashion, cause by the way I'm rippin things Whoever thinks I take a loss has hamstrings Young dames, I shoot em and Jimmy aims to knock her Sex with this flex, best thing tends to lock up Yeah, really bad ass, smokin past you niggas The chicks I stick shit with, I love your figures Triggers, I pull em with no remorse for bodies Fash pumps the hotties, chumps pump with shoties Shoot em up, bang-bang! Miss targets rarely Mics I touch up, I fucks em daily Barely another who can test the cool Fash Asses I kick in the ashes, dumpin trashes So don't riff, cause I flow swift like the Nile, son Tame is for plain Jane fame, I'm a wild one Auto-matic-ly I let loose the Fierce MC-i-n-g force in me Cool Fash, sendin a blast to rap people (Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal)

Reign of The Tec

It's the hard little pistol-packing punk dope smuggler Lethal when I kill, I go straight for the jugular Back again to hit ya with the junkyard funk Shit gets out of hand, I got a Tec in the trunk Let's flip the ill shit kid, yo he looped it Hardcore, straight to make you brothers act stupid Now I'm on a rampage, prepare for the slaughter Lyrical monster busting nuts in your daughter Slaying competition is the real beat digger Hit you with a shovel now you're dead, nigga Freaking the funk, I be the ill funk freaker With the diabolical sound coming through your speaker Bulletproof ready for action, no fronting Fully loaded Tec loaded ready to go hunting So sleep and watch me let off and catch wreck "John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec"

When I pop the trunk, hit the deck John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec Head for the hills before you get wrecked John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec

Here I come up your block, driving once Smoking skunk, waiting for a fucking punk To beef, so he can get killed by the psycho thief Retarted like Biz, eating cats like Heathcliff, light the spliff, crack the quart and If I kill you first nigga, be a good sport and Die, don't give me no hassle I snatch up your bitch, take her to White Castle To crack her asshole, so I could fuck her That doo doo brown dem bucker The crazy rapist smelling like much vaginas Carjacking punks, pulling them out of their Pathfinders It makes me want to scream, but I just chill by the end of the week How many punks must I kill? I'm sicking up picnics, I'm robbing on good so after dark. Stay the fuck out the woods (You fucking punk!)

When I pop the trunk, hit the deck John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec Head for the hills before you get wrecked John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec

Come on girl, don't give me that shit Blast my nine to your spine, take your money then split Outtie, now your ass is ghost to me Beatnuts on the mix thinking Hindu grocery shops So what's up hops? I shoot you with no problem, I'm used to shooting cops I'll let you go this time, but next time you pop That shit, your ass gets dropped

Yo, it's the gun-slinging lunitic demon that'll hell Intoxicated punks letting off bad smell Beatnuts forever, die hard motherfuckers Low-key deadly, taking out all suckers Before you even step and try to play me, son Bring heavy ammunition so you don't have to run Take heed, this ain't something you should laugh to Yo I shoot your moms if I have to.

When I pop the trunk, hit the deck John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec Head for the hills before you get wrecked John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec

Third of the Trio

(check me out now)
From girlies now to havin niggaz on my dick
cause I like to flip the script
Ya know, I come fat with the rhymes
And if you want a beat call me at nines
Call me at night and I'll be fuckin your bitch (haha)
You know it I won't switch
Aiyyo Rob, what's up with Pete?
When nigga's not in the studio, where's his feet? (haha)
So check it out, got them feets at home
Yeah, as we continue, with the freestyle, kinda like this
Ya step up, motherfuckers need to get dissed
Step back, and don't fuck around with the track
The Beatnuts is fat, and yes we all that
Big Kahuna, cockin from the bush
Fuck around, and get pushed off the cliff (yeah)
with the fat spliff (yeah, Q flowin)
Uhh, check it out (Q flowin)
Word up it's just a fat little interlude...

Submitted By: Shadowboxer

The Story

(It's a little story I got to tell..)

I met this girl, she was miss Alabama, hello, come in my room, drop to your knees bitch, momma mellow, she said aight, grabbed it then she sucked it. I aimed at her twat with my dick and co-fucked it. (AHHH) That's all you heard when I pushed it in, did her so good she wanted children. I said no, no baby it's not like that. I coulda sworn she was a DJ how she was scratching my back. Deep throats, wet-licks to the head. Next thing you know she wanted to go to the (ewwwhoop)! Goddamn! And there I was laying in bed with my nine inch. Crazy phat, crazy dick like the ninex pagers. She wanted to go through the Beatnuts stages. Popped off her bra (SPROOIINGG) They were outrageous. 20 pounds each they were like watermelons, bigger than Sandra's but smaller than Helens. I do em well so they catch oragasms atleast 20 minutes before I splash em! BOOM! Roaming like my dick was the peg, she wanted doggy-style so I humped her leg, pissed on the carpet, shit-ed by the door, Psycho Les is out, you don't want to hear nomore. It's like that y'all, It's like that y'all, putting scratches on my back y'all.

Downtown bound with Mart making tracks, in the max, kicking facts. The willy bo-bo's 'bout the ho shows we been to, then I looked out the window. hello seniorita, or is it seniora? Miss or Mrs.? I still got something for ya. Wasting no time with the small talk, no fronting. Bitch your straight up like a nigger out of Copmpton. I says what crib we going to? Your one or my one? She says who needs a bed? This car's just fine son. Walk tried to step and the bitch grabbed my penis. She said don't leave honey-bun you got to see this. Kicked off her panties slipped back in the recliner opened up her legs and said welcome to the diner. I took a whiff shit smelled coucher. Loaded up my banger aimed then I smoked her. Boom! Sucked her tits then I pounded her clitso. She made noise like chinks in jujitzo. eww your daddy long dick she really started screaming, so I muffled up her mouth with some semen. It's like this y'all, it's like this y'all, I bust a beatnut then i take a piss y'all!