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February 25th, 2020


September 12th, 2004

The strictly limited edition of Milk Me can be found on sites like amazon.de. This can also be purchased on other sites, but it has to be imported. It contains one track that the US version doesn’t on the original cd, which is Nuts N Bass( Cartel Remix ), which was produce by DJ Craze. This track is a remix of We Don’t Give A Funk. It defiantly sounds like a club track. The bonus cd included contains the instrumentals to all of the tracks on the first cd. Track listing is as follows:
1) Hot (instrumental)
2) Buggin (instrumental)
3) It’s Nothing (instrumental)
4) Find Us(In The Back of the Club) (instrumental)
5) U Nomsayin (instrumental)
6) We Don’t Give A Funk (instrumental)
7) Confused Rappers (instrumental)
8) All Night (instrumental)
9) Madness (instrumental)
10) We Getting Paper (instrumental)
11) Uh Huh (instrumental)
12) Down (instrumental)
13) Freak Off (instrumental)
14) As*hole (instrumental)
As stated on the inside of the cd cover, "Psycho Les solo album Psycho Therapy coming soon". I will keep you updated on the release date and other info on this album. And for those who didn’t know The Official Beatnuts site is in the works and can be found at thebeatnuts.net.

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