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February 22nd, 2020


July 19th, 2004

As "I WISH I COULD TELL YOU..." had posted in the forums back on April 1st, the Beatnuts did flip the classic Happy Days theme song on the track, "Find Us" featuring Akon. For those who hadn't heard the track check out the Penalty Recordings website, the link is in the linx section. Ever wonder what came about with the whole J.Lo incident? Nuts views on Bush and Kerry? Where the album title "Milk Me" came from? Well you can find out all of these answers and more...including some disturbing news in the new AllHipHop.com interview in the Information section. Or by going to the AllHipHop.com website. SUPPORT THE BEATNUTS AND BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM COMING OUT AUGUST 31ST!!

SOURCE: AllHipHop.com

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