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February 25th, 2020


June 5th, 2004

Thanks to a post in the forums here is the tracklisting for the Beatnuts upcoming album, "Milk Me".

01. Intro
02. Hot f/Greg Nice (production by Beatnuts)
03. Buggin f/Prince Whipper Whip (production by Beatnuts)
04. Madness (production by Beatnuts)
05. Uh Huh f/Tony Touch & Gab Gotcha (production by Beatnuts)
06. Find Us (In The Back Of The Club) f/Akon (production by Beatnuts)
07. U Nahmsayin f/Freeway (production by Beatnuts)
08. We Don't Give A Funk (production by Beatnuts)
09. Down f/Milano (production by Beatnuts)
10. Confused Rappers f/Rahzel (production by Beatnuts)
11. Whistle (production by Beatnuts)
12. We Getting Paper f/Triple Seis & Colion (production by Beatnuts)
13. All Night f/Chris Chandler (production by Beatnuts)
14. It's Nothing f/A.G. and Gab Gotcha (production by Beatnuts)
15. Interlude
16. Freak Off f/Chris Chandler (production by Beatnuts)
17. Asshole (production by Beatnuts)
18. Milk Me Interlude

****Danuts.com Exclusive*** I've added a 50 second sample of the track U Nahmsayin featuring Freeway. You can download it by clicking here. Enjoy the preview. Will throw up a new Poll shortly...

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