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February 22nd, 2020


November 2nd, 2003

A bunch of new news/updates today. First off new news about the Beatnut's record label, and new cd. From hiphopdx.com,

'After leaving longtime their long time label (Relativity) after Take It or Squeeze It in 2001, The Beatnuts took the indy route for The Originators and released it with Landspeed. The Queens duo is looking to make some moves again and signed with Penalty Recordings, the one time indy powerhouse.

I watched their career develop on Relativity and Loud Records and I became a huge fan, CEO Neil Levine said. The Beatnuts are career artists who produce, rap and tour; they are timeless and can make hit records. This is the perfect artist to re-launch the Penalty brand.

With their undeniably catchy yet gully style, The Beatnuts have had some sure shot hits in Off The Books and Watch Out Now, but have never gotten the promotion necessary to take them to the next level or stardom. Be on the lookout for the 7th album on Penalty, hopefully within the next year.'

Major props to peeps who check my website out and gave me wind of this news via forums, and email. I've got a new email address for the site. It is danuts@gmail.com. Also if you would like to be informed when the website is updated, I now have an option for ya. If you email w/ your email address i'll email ya whenever the page is updated. I also added a link to download the FULL Beatnuts music video for "Do You Believe" in the Media Section of the site. Props to Kareem in the forums for posting the site. Also added a new poll, check it out.

SOURCE: HipHopdx

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