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February 22nd, 2020


September 2nd, 2003

cover art Ju Ju guests on a new hot track with Bloody Moon. The aggressive track is titled, "Punch You in the Face". The beat is over a Grandmaster Flash beat. From the sample it sounds like a nice track. Check in the media section for the free sample. * Props to Shadowboxer in the forums for letting me know about this track.

[Click on the image for a larger pic]

* For those of you who have been experiencing this message when trying to visit my site: "Temporarily Unavailable"

The Angelfire site you are trying to reach has been temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

The site will be available again in approximately 1 hours!"

There is no need to worry, possibly going to be upgrading the website shortly. There isn't too much new news, but if you found something that you find interesting and want to share about the nuts, hit me up with the source, and any other info, or just post it in the forums and I will get it up on the site. Thanks for everyones patience while the website is fixed. Peace.

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