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February 21st, 2020


May 31st, 2007

Big City(Psycho Les, Al Tariz, and Problemz) - City Never Sleeps

Thanks to a heads up via email, I've got some information for everyone regarding Big City's Debut release. For those who forgot, Big City consists of Psycho Les, Al Tariq, and Problemz. The album is dropping June 5th, 2007, on Nature Sounds Records so make sure to pick it up.

Those interested in pre-ordering it can pick it up at UndergroundHipHop.com

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Flava Flav Intro 00:52
  2. Boy 03:01
  3. Stickem Up (feat. Greg Nice) 03:29
  4. DJ Famalam (feat. Sean Boston) 04:01
  5. Milf (Miss Juice Goose) 04:27
  6. Chedda (feat. Raze) 03:31
  7. Running Around 02:31
  8. However It Go 03:59
  9. Lick Balls (feat. Redda, L.A., Super Supreme & Opti) 04:45
  10. I Hear Ya 04:09
  11. Jump On It (feat. Salena Dabbs) 04:10
  12. Disgustin' (Eloh$Dolla) 02:33
  13. Big City 03:58

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