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February 22nd, 2020


June 26th, 2001

Take it or Squeeze It Welcome to my new site. I have just started this web page and will be updating it more in the near future. The Beatnuts new album is finally released. After a long few years their new album is finally completed and avalible to buy. The album is entitled "Take It Or Squeeze It". It features 14 tracks including a remix of the spanish/english rap from their last album called Se Acabo. It has an icredible mix of others rapping with the Beatnuts, including Fatman Scoop, Tony Touch, Greg Nice, and Al Tariq (the former Beatnut who has started rapping under his own name) just to name a few of the amazing artists found on this album. This CD is one of their best yet. There are so many beats to listen to that it is well worth the $ to buy it, and I highly reccomend it. So buy it!
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